Musical genre

Salsa is a musical style, which fuses Son of Cuba with jazz and other Caribbean rhythms. Its origin is in son montuno, but its name is due to the mixture of different beats, which were developed in New York, when Cuban musicians joined other Latin American and African-American musicians, creating to a new genre, which was given a more commercial name, Salsa, which soon spread to the rest of the world.
According to its provenance, a subtle difference in the rhythm of the melody is appreciated, giving rise to diverse musical styles and, therefore, different ways of dancing them.


It is also a very fun dance that is enjoyed as a couple, where the man leads the woman through his hands. There are some fundamental steps that you must know how to execute properly, to be able to evolve at a good pace and for communication to flow between the two dancers.


The main dance styles are:

-Cuban salsa or timba is the result of the mixture of son montuno with the different varieties of Afro-Cuban music. It is danced with a touch of sensuality and carefreeness, with many displacements in a rotating sense, including typical steps of the Cuban rumba, which take place when its melody is recognized in the song.

Los Angeles salsa style is a style of dance that is characterized by its refined technique, where the man gentlemanly leads the woman in a linear sense. It is very striking for its elegance and twists. It is danced accentuating the first musical time.

Mambo or “salsa on two” is how we call a more harmonious dance style, accentuating the second musical time. The figures and the displacements are the same as in the Los Angeles style, but it is styled by adding to the dance a greater expressiveness in the corporal movement (flavor) and a more harmonious cadence.

Baila con Sara offers salsa classes in Malaga. We mainly teach salsa Los Angeles style, although we also introduce the other styles.


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