Musical genre:

Musical genre from the Dominican Republic. It is the result of a mixture of the Cuban son with bolero and merengue, among other rhythms.
It is a musical style that was born in the streets between the humble classes. Its verses often tell stories of heartbreak and nostalgia, coming to be called “music of amargue.


Bachata is also a romantic dance of Dominican origin. The woman is directed by the man, who must indicate with subtlety using his whole body to flow communication between them. It is worth noting the cadenced movement of the hips and the speed of the pace to the rhythm of the guitar.

Since its inception, bachata is danced in an embrace between the couple, who sway to the rhythm of sensual hip movements. The dancers break up at times to play the guitar chords with their feet.

However, in recent years Bachata has evolved. It began by introducing figures and typical steps from salsa, to get a more varied dance.
Recently, it has been heavily influenced by figures and movements of zouk (very fashionable dance in Brazil), which includes body waves and very sensual head movements, giving rise to the so-called “sensual bachata”.

Dance Styles:

The original Dominican bachata is danced in an embraceinterpreting the music through the hips. When the dancers are more separated, the steps take center stage, but without making complicated figures.

Fusion bachata maintains much of the original dance but adds figures or steps from salsa or tango, among others.

 Sensual bachata gets most of its movements of zouk. It is danced with wavy movements, where the man directs the movements with his bodyexploiting all the sensuality of the woman.

At Baila con Sara we mainly teach the second option, which is from our point of view, the most suitable for social dance and to adapt to any couple. We also added figures of the sensual style and steps of the Dominican style.