Dancing in the New Reality

After so many days of confinement and restrictions, finally comes the opportunity to dance in the “New Reality”.
I suppose we all have a bit of uncertainty regarding this stage, but at the same time, I am sure that we want to tackle it with the will to live.
If COVID-19 has taught us anything it has been to value freedom of movement, contact with others, a hug … and it has also shown us that we must appreciate LIFE, that we must live it to the fullest and always looking for what make us happy.
In my case, I have it clear, what makes me happy is dancing, which is an essential part of me. And what makes me happier apart from dancing, is teaching and sharing my knowledge and my baggage with my students, those whom I have sorely missed during this harsh quarantine.

In the de-escalation, we also danced

During the confinement, we were forced to teach online, but those classes had little success because people prefer direct contact.
So when the de-escalation came, we took the opportunity to give the classes outdoors. They had to be individual dance classes, where we worked free steps, body expression, musical performance, technique … but without being able to have contact with each other.

In July we dance again in the New Reality

But finally, with the end of the state of alarm, we can organize ourselves to teach again in our usual places. We dance again in the New Normality but without neglecting the advice and rules of the health authorities and doing it in a responsible way, which entails the use of masks at all times, and keeping the safety distance.
So we are opening a new group for beginners, classes that start from scratch on July 1 and will change your life.
We will see each other and dance again, something that we have missed so much.

What’s new in July 2020 classes

This summer we offer our Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba classes as always, in the morning and afternoon, to better adapt to your free hours.
But we offer a novelty, we have called it AeroSalsa. It consists of doing cardio, but in the way we like best, dancing non-stop.
For this, we will give 45 warm-ups and review the steps that we will do after,  followed by another 45 minutes of dancing without rest. To achieve our goal we will dance without pause, following the routine of free steps that will be marked for you.
Do you dare?